COVID-19: A free safety course for the drivers on the road by Instructional Technologies

COVID-19: A free safety course for the drivers

Truck drivers are one of the first responders to the COVID-19 pandemic without a doubt. Starting from essential commodities to be consumed by the average person in the populus, they also transport the critical life saving goods such as medicine, fuel and food. Truckers are definitely heroes for doing what they do every single day and leaving their family behind for
weeks or months at a time meeting deadlines.

Unfortunately, on the road during a time of crisis like this very one, truckers, who are the lifelines of modern society are facing many difficulties as their work includes traveling long distances and interacting with new people from time to time. To assist them and make them well equipped to fight this atrocity with efficiency and alertness, the good samaritans of ITI (Instructional Technologies Inc. ) shook hands with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and created a set of guidelines that will keep the truckers safe and sound and the civilization intact.

  • Frequently wiping and/or cleaning areas which are more prone to human touches both inside (steering wheel, horn etc.) and especially outside the vehicle.
  • Keeping a keen eye on the regulatory changes as they vary depending on areas and the new shifts of service hours.
  • Important points concerning their job like the deadlines and closure dates are crucial for them and the organizations involved.
  • Maintaining a strong emotional health and an agile mind in these stressful times by taking breaks whenever they deem necessary.
  • Other general pointers like maintaining social distance and limiting their close physical interaction with other drivers.

The said informative safety course is available in Sentix LMS for it's current ITI clients for free. This new and useful initiative has been applauded by Dr. James Voorhees, president and CEO of ITI. He gave a statement, “Hauling critical supplies across North America every day, professional truck drivers are on the front lines of the global COVID-19 pandemic. It is vital that they know how to protect themselves and others, which is why ITI is offering COVID-19: What Drivers Need To Know free of charge. This information will help stem the spread of the virus and keep drivers safe during this critical time.”