Save the truck drivers family: COVID- 19 Relief Fund

Save the truck drivers family: COVID- 19 Relief Fund

This is Raju, a single earner in a family of 5. Raju is a truck driver and the lockdown hasn’t been easy on him. His daily wages have become zero and this has been going since the past many weeks. Raju is struggling with the most basic necessities in life such as food and daily use essentials for his wife and children. 

There are thousands of truck drivers like Raju who are unable to work and earn their daily wage, due to this lockdown. 

They need our help. 

What is treLo?

treLo delivers reliable and quick 24x7 on-road assistance for trucks of all makes and models. We are a company that digitizes and expedites the whole enroute-truck-repair process by connecting truck drivers and fleet owners with authorized service professionals nearest to you that guarantee good service and fair pricing. 

Why are we concerned?

All across India, over 30,000 truck drivers and owners are associated with our platform and work in delivering essential goods for your daily use. These drivers are self dependent and come from marginalized sections of the society. Truck driving is their only source of income. They do not have the ability to earn from sources other than driving. 

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The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown is a full stop to thousands of these truck driver’s livelihoods. Drivers like Raju depend on daily wages from their rides to bring food for their families. During this lockdown, those earnings have turned to zero and their families are finding it difficult to survive. 

We, at treLo, are trying to help these behind the scenes heroes who are a major reason why all of us lead normal lives. 

How is treLo helping?

treLo employees and investors have collectively raised Rs. 1 Lakh to help these truck drivers during these difficult times. We are targeting a fund of 30 Lakhs crores to ensure that thousands of driver in need is left helpless. We need your support in this initiative to help truck drivers and their families overcome these tough times. 

How will we use this fund? 

  • Relief fund of Rs, 1000 to start with for every driver to cover essentials like food. 
  • Partnership with GivIndia’s, a trusted non-profit organization in executing this initiative 

Our Fundraising partner 

This is a 100% not for profit initiative. We have partnered with GivIndia Fundraisers, India’s trusted non-profit partners who are executing this initiative on the ground level. 

Can I claim tax benefits on this donation? 

Contributions made towards the Trelo partner relief fund can be claimed as a deduction under the section 80G of the Income Tax Act. You will receive a certificate as an acknowledgement of the donation. 

Truck drivers drive our economy. Let’s put them back on track by helping them in this time of need. 

Do spread the word. Let’s make this initiative a success.

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