Battery replacement

24x7 Service
24x7 On-road battery repair/ replacement for trucks of all makes and models

treLo has a 24x7 on road battery replacement service to take the headache and hassle out of finding and fitting a new battery for your trucks. Key features of this service include:

  • 24x7 availability throughout city limits, remote areas and highways.
  • We have an extensive range of batteries readily available which include the most technologically advanced makes for every truck model in the market.
  • Before replacing your existing battery; we will always test your old battery to ensure that it does actually need replacing. If we find that your battery isn’t at fault then we will find the real problem with your vehicle and give you a selection of options for repair.

You don’t need to worry about the disposal of your old battery. We’ll take it away to recycle it.

The next time your truck is stuck on the road and the battery needs replacement, just call us or book our mechanic through the Trelo app.

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