Crane service

24x7 Service
Connect with treLo next time your truck is stuck on the road and you need crane services

Sometimes, on site repair is not possible and your truck needs a long and intensive repair service. It can be difficult for your driver to take the truck to a mechanic in such a situation, especially when the truck is stuck and cannot be driven. It could also be that your driver has faced an accident and the unexpected incidence doesn’t allow your truck to move.

These situations can happen anywhere, on a busy city road, a highway or even a remote area.

treLo’s 24x7 crane service is the perfect solution to such a situation.

We are a company that digitizes and expedites the whole crane service process. Our assistance is promised within 60 minutes within city limits, 90 minutes on the highways and 120 minutes in remote areas.

We connect you with treLo partners nearest to you that guarantee the best and quickest towing service anytime, anywhere.

The next time your truck is stuck on the road and you need some crane services, just call us or book our mechanic through the treLo app.

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