Fuel Supply

24x7 Service
Connect you with treLo partner nearest to you

There are times when your truck is out of fuel and the nearest fuel store is , well...far away!

To top it all the situation may occur in night time or at a time where it’s a lone truck driver and you cannot leave someone to guard your truck while you look for fuel.

treLo’s 24x7 on-road fuel supply service takes the headache and hassle of finding fuel for your truck in the middle of nowhere.

With the help of technology and efficient operation, we expedite the whole enroute-truck-assistance process. Our assistance is promised within 60 minutes within city limits, 90 minutes on the highways and 120 minutes in remote areas.

We connect you with treLo partner nearest to you that guarantee the best and quickest fuel service anytime, anywhere.

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The next time your truck is stuck on the road and you are out of fuel, just call us or book our mechanic through the Trelo app.