Suspension and engine repair

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Connect with treLo service partners nearest to you for your truck suspension and engine repair

treLo understands the problems faced by a fleet owner when their truck is stuck in a busy city road, a highway or worse in a remote area. Finding someone to repair is not only time and effort intensive but it also delays the task the truck was assigned to do.

The two common problems faced by truck drivers on the road is when their truck needs immediate suspension and engine repairs.

With The help of technology and efficient operation, we expedite the whole enroute-truck-repair process. Our assistance is promised within 60 minutes within city limits, 90 minutes on the highways and 120 minutes in remote areas.

We connect you with treLo service partners nearest to you that guarantee the best and quickest truck suspension and engine repair.

The next time your truck is stuck on the road and the suspension or engine needs repair, just call us or book our mechanic through the treLo app.

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