Tyre repairs and replacement

24x7 Service
Immediate and fair priced tyre replacement service

We at treLo specialize in truck tyre repairs and replacement to get you back and running on the road.

Truck tyre replacement is one of the most common problems faced by drivers and fleet owners. Your tyre can go bust anywhere, on a busy city road, on a highway or a remote area where there are no mechanics around.

treLo understands that when the unexpected happens, you need immediate and fair priced tyre replacement service that gets you back to the road and running quickly.

If you have a tyre breakdown all you have to do is request a tyre repair service through the treLo app with your location or call us. Our mechanic partner authorized with treLo that is nearest to you, will come to assist you so that you can get back to driving with minimal interruption.

Whether you have a flat tyre, need a tow or are simply stuck because of tyre problems, you can rest assured that we will be there to take care of your truck, no matter what, no matter when. Our services can be availed 24x7.

The next time your truck is stuck on the road and needs a tyre replacement or repair, just call us or book our mechanic through the treLo app.

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